(2004) ‘Confidential’ Cable from Venezuela = [DS] in US Gov > KNEW [Smartmatic] ‘Integrity’ Was Questionable.

(wikileaks doc)

Date: 2004 June 28, 21:49 (Monday)

Canonical ID: 04CARACAS2108_a

Original Classification: CONFIDENTIAL


1. (C) Venezuela’s new automated voting system will make its premiere in the August 15 recall referendum against President

Hugo Chavez. ”’The consortium behind the untested system, led by the U.S. company Smartmatic,”’ has yet to finalize its contracts with the National Electoral Council (CNE).

”’Critics have attacked nearly every aspect of the system including the reliability of the machines,”’ —-the vulnerabilities to “backdoor” tampering, ”’and the expedited manner in which the CNE granted the concession to Smartmatic.”’

7. (C) ”’The Smartmatic machines are re-engineered lottery machines”’ with a six-inch touch screen, a built-in printer, and a network connection.

Cable uses the term “Operational Glitch”. ← Planned Excuse?

11. (C) Fraud aside, there is still a possibility that some unforeseen operational glitch crashes the system.

 Below is why – Anonymous business registrations based IN DELAWARE MUST END = [Infiltration].

2. (C) The National Electoral Council (CNE) on February 16 awarded the concession for a new automated voting system to the SBC Consortium. The Consortium is led by Smartmatic, a Delaware-registered firm founded by Venezuelans with offices in Boca Raton, Florida (Broward County/Debbie Wasserman-Schultz). The firm maintains a research and development office in Caracas and has offices in Mexico. Smartmatic’s owners are Antonio Mugica, Alfredo Anzola, and Roger Pinate, young Venezuelan computer engineers who went to the U.S. several years ago to make it in business. There are diverse rumors over the true identity of Smartmatic’s investors; among them are Caracas daily El Universal, owners of Caracas’ renowned Tamanaco Hotel, and

even Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel. Jorge Tirado, an electoral expert working with Smartmatic, told poloff June 23 that Mugica and Anzola come from upper class anti-Chavez families – Anzola’s father is a member of the Coordinadora Democratica – but the two engineers have kept quiet about their politics.

There’s moar in the cable.

The point is:

USA Gov entities = Knew [Smartmatic] was/is a National Security Risk way back in (2004).



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