Just dropping my DiGG for Amy Barrett/ Jesse Barrett/People of Praise
▪︎Jeanie Cross/DeCelles.
–Aurora Illinois,St Louis Missouri,Cursillo,Charasmatic Movement, Majorca Spain. Founder of People of Praise.
▪︎Paul DeCelles.
Saint Ignatius,CIA, JESUITS, CERN, VATICAN 2, UCC, Founder of People of Praise.

Attached pics; evidence.

–From WaPo article. Ranagan and Paul DeCelles, handlers of the Barretts.

▪︎People of Praise founders;
–Jeanie Cross DeCelles
–Paul DeCelles

Jeanie Cross DeCelles Obituary from
——->People of Praise<--------

▪︎Paul DeCelles, founder, P.O.P

Both Jeanie and Paul moved to South Bend Indiana, same location that Amy and Jesse Barrett moved to.
As per the structure and order of People of Praise, Jeanie and Paul DeCelles would be above Amy and Jesse.
The Handlers to the Handsmaids.

  1. cliftonlafave@windstream.net'
    Dan 1 year ago

    Great Articles Brian. Thank you ! Isn’t Pence from Indiana ? …

  2. Author
    Brian Skroski 1 year ago

    Yes…and he has interacted with Jesse in the past.

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