Battlelinks is here.

Friends, this was a nightmare. Not only did FB ban this domain, but they banned the news site and also the IP address.

The tech team comes from commercial ops. Their approach was to re-purpose a commercial cloaker for our political purposes. That failed because it actually is not on the site, or within the site, but a third-party platform you use. An “expert” programmer said it could be done in a day; it took him two weeks to fail. We tried another approach, also fail.

But, the resourcefulness of the techies brought it back to brass tacks. All we needed was a new IP address, a new domain, a way to link posts — so, we built it. No high technology (the cloaker cost a fortune, BTW, $500/month) just a simple little site we can all use to share.

How it works is, like the Storm, sign up with a login. Use the “Plus sign” to add a post. Add a headline  — make sure to scrub it of offending words — I take out “sex” and “Biden” and “Chinese” and see what I’m left with. Add a paragraph or two. Type READ MORE, then link it to the original article. The link button is in the menu bar, looks like a paperclip at 45′ angle. Add a featured image (bottom right) from the original story or your own desktop. Publish it. Share it. Repeat.

We just uploaded a few good stories from the news site to start you off. We’ll run with this domain until someone catches on — we have three more to rollout once they do.

Be brave, soldiers. This is the final push before the election. Make it count!



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