I knew this day was coming, Oct 1st, Death Day. I was on my 4th acct with FB since Aug 19th, Purge 1.0.  I did all I could to help create this site for that…the charging bull…no stopping the inevitable. The sign was clear as day, we were all going to fall.

I suppose, like all bad things, I will find the silver lining. That silver, will be for all of us here…for that is why this ARK exists.

Someone had to be the first…and I am very accustomed to that position in life. I’m a pirate. Silver is only found through effort and struggle.

Now I find myself the lab rabbit. The first account to REGENERATE and go back to the FRONT….to drop more TRUTH bombs, awaken the sleeping majority. This was the main reason for the ARK’s creation. A MASH unit for fallen DIGITAL SOLDIERS.  I hope those beautiful techs of ours can realize my dream of ‘INSTANT BOUNCE BACK’. Going back to the FRONT…in my case, Facebook…with a lot of friends. This allows me the ability  to focus on INFORMATION WARFARE. A regenerated Digital Soldier, not a GHOST  of a platform I called home for 11 years…for my digs, my research, my FREE SPEECH, my own individual awakening.

As I go on this journey, I pray that we truly found the magic loophole to their CENSORSHIP…and we all can return rapidly…to continue the dissemination of the TRUTH. If so…we will live up to that biblical plague…


—-from a CICADA. PLAGUE #1

  1. editor@qm.news'
    Josiah Ross 1 year ago


  2. robe3866@gmail.com'
    Rob DUNN 1 year ago

    Survived Day # 1 but hearing of lots of casualties…

  3. jmkuehner@ymail.com'
    Jen Ks 1 year ago

    When I tried to share this post..

  4. editor@qm.news'
    Josiah Ross 1 year ago

    And…. my facebook is gone, too.

  5. Rsaryn6@gmail.com'
    Rsaryn Taverna 1 year ago

    Yep. We knew we were on a clock w Oct 1st being the deadline
    Thanks for all your work, Brian

  6. nansi@mcewan.ca'
    Nansi McEwan 1 year ago

    Your work is amazing, Brian. So glad I found you again and happy to be here.

    • Author
      Brian Skroski 1 year ago

      Thank you. My work was put aside for this project. My apologies. I did indeed continue digging, but that is yet to be on here. I hope tomorrow I can begin to do that on here. Things look good…running smooth….
      Its Time!

  7. starspawn369@protonmail.com'
    Tony Modugno 1 year ago

    Looking good Brian…So FB checked my ID but still took down my account. The new one that I barely posted anything on. Been dealing with some personal stuff But going to try to make a new FB sometime today. #Patriots Fight #WWG1WGA

    • Author
      Brian Skroski 1 year ago

      Glad to see you here.
      Just wait til this is finished…

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