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  1.' Author
    Josiah Ross 3 weeks ago

    Anyway, won’t be long now. The programmers combined a with a commercial cloaking software and a gorgeous domain and UX for us — we’ll be back posting “dangerous” sites with their hidden urls all over Fakebook very soon.

    Karen Selvidge 3 weeks ago

    Text those you have phone numbers for

  3.' Author
    Josiah Ross 3 weeks ago

    This is a link you can share on FB… it’s hosted at QMN which is still allowed….

      Kenn F Burghaus 3 weeks ago

      um : WARNING ……..our url is comprimised i just posted it on Facebook the screen flashed and said, “this url goes against our community standards on spam :”
      I think i am comprimised

        Kenn F Burghaus 3 weeks ago

        I should be dead they let me live i have no idea why but it cant be good

  4.' Author
    Josiah Ross 3 weeks ago

    And…. my facebook is gone, too.

    Christopher A. Ross 3 weeks ago

    Yea I tried getting the registration link out in pm, not happening. So I spaced it out and got it to some guys, told them to remove the spaces and manually type it in.

    •' Author
      Josiah Ross 3 weeks ago

      As of last night, you could still share links from the news site, where these stories are also posted. The techs working on the cloaker, taking a minute to get it right!

    Christopher A. Ross 3 weeks ago

    No problem take all the time you guys need, I greatly appreciate everything you guys do.

    Janna Swart 2 weeks ago

    I’m here trying to figure this out! #WWG1WGA

    • Brian Skroski 2 weeks ago

      Thank you for….not only finding us…but understanding why we are here.
      We are not an ALTERNATIVE Social Media site.
      We are….
      THE SUPPLY DEPOT for all SM.
      News links will be CLOAKED…so you can share news on those platforms without the CENSORSHIP.

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