A letter from a member of the Culper Ring contains a passage originally written in invisible ink. Ferrous sulphate was brushed over the supposedly blank areas to expose the writing. (Library of Congress)

A longtime intelligence insider and patriot confirmed the use of a sophisticated watermark on official election ballots, setting in motion the sting operation by Department of Homeland Security and the National Guard to catch the corrupt Democratic Party stuffing the ballot boxes for VP Joe Biden.

The state of play should be obvious, as the late count puts “deep red” states like Georgia somehow into the Biden column, while evidence of malfeasance accumulates, most damning being a poll worker in Atlanta photographed ripping open an envelope from SF Express, a domestic Chinese package delivery service. And the media cheers it along.

But expect the government to go along with the rules, breaking out all the evidence of the sting at the last moment. As for naysayers who say it’s all too elaborate, understand that voter fraud has been endemic for years and the 2018 midterms provided time to set up all the systems for the big day. This show is made-for-TV, with the nail-biting cliffhanger written into the script for the most devastating impact for the criminals as well as the public who will be awakened as it unfolds.

While today’s “secret ink” is literally space age technology, their use hearkens back to General George Washington, who waged the Revolutionary War with extensive hidden messages that could only be revealed with chemicals concocted by Dr. John Jay, really, the founder of American counter-intelligence.

Rather than a much talked about United States Postal Service patent granted in August for a blockchain voting system, which has not yet been utilized, the watermarks were coded with technology from the government’s QFS Blockchain, according to an interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik, the famed hostage negotiator who served in four presidential administrations and known for speaking out against the Deep State.

The Quantum Financial System Blockchain is based on a computer on a satellite orbiting the Earth and protected by U.S. Space Force, which was created primarily to guard this technology, rather than explore space like NASA.

Without going into exact details, Dr. Pieczenik said the secret code would allow the government to track the ballots and, of course, confirm which were real. Unconfirmed reports said the watermark was a non-radioactive isotope that can be viewed under special light.

While each state was responsible for printing their ballots, only specific paper could be used, which may have been how the watermarks were used, or they were added later. What is known, from statements from the DHS, that some ballots, indeed, carried watermarks.

Dr. Pieczenik said the National Guard was activated in 12 states to man the polling centers, although what they were really doing was watching out for the crooks. He said arrests have already been made and will continue quietly until the sting is revealed.

Although Gen. Paul Nakasone, Director of the NSA and U.S. Cyber Command, has affirmed that the electronic component of vote counting was fully secure coming into the 2020 election, many wondered how the government would be able to guarantee physical ballots were secure and that false ballots would not enter the mix.

The predicate of the operation was U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s EO 13848, the Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election, from September 2018.

Under the threat of imposing the toughest economic sanctions on an offending country, a cross-departmental team led by the DHS had 30 days come up with classified plan to safeguard the ballot process.

Not later than 30 days following the date of this order, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the Director of National Intelligence shall develop a framework for the process that will be used to carry out their respective responsibilities pursuant to this order. The framework, which may be classified in whole or in part, shall focus on ensuring that agencies fulfill their responsibilities pursuant to this order in a manner that maintains methodological consistency; protects law enforcement or other sensitive information and intelligence sources and methods; maintains an appropriate separation between intelligence functions and policy and legal judgments; ensures that efforts to protect electoral processes and institutions are insulated from political bias; and respects the principles of free speech and open debate.

Below are statements from the DHS about specific paper be used in printing ballots and watermarks.

To understand the monumental scope of the operation, the sting is predicated on one of the foundational stories of the American Republic, Washington’s use of secret inks in the Revolutionary War.

Dr. Jay, who later became Chief Justice of the United States, is also considered to be the Founding Father of American counterintelligence. Jay is seldom cited for his achievements in this arena; his historical reputation stems largely from his political and judicial accomplishments. But he clearly deserved to be remembered today as the first national-level American counterintelligence chief.

As well as Washington, Paul Revere, and his Mechanics, the first spy ring, in Boston, and the ‘Culper Ring’, in Connecticut, made extensive use of secret ink to deliver messages they knew would be intercepted. While the message would read one way to the turncoats within the Revolutionary Army who reported to the British, the real patriots would add Dr. Jay’s chemicals to reveal the hidden meaning.

The following monograph published by the CIA for America’s Bicentennial delves into the history.

bicentennial intelligence-min


Dr. Pieczenik is a psychiatrist with a PhD in international relations (Cornell, Harvard, MIT), whose ability to get into the minds of enemies made him an expert in terrorist negotiations, including being instrumental in the Camp David Accords of 1978, where he levered what the antagonists had in common to design an approach that yielded the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. He was ranked as high as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, working under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker, for Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He is also the co-founder of Delta Force.

Dr. Pieczenik was drafted to serve in the Vietnam War. He was assigned in the Public Health Services with the rank of Navy Captain (0-6) to run three psychiatric wards at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C., including a ward for serial killers. He was subsequently offered a promotion to Rear Admiral (0-7), which he refused to return to civilian life, but later returned to advise presidents.

Notably, Dr. Pieczenik resigned after Jimmy Carter refused his advice to resolve the Iran hostage crisis in 1979, And, perhaps even more noteworthy, he was a close friend of Tom Clancy, serving as the real life model for his Jack Ryan character, helped produce two bestselling Clancy novels and writes his own books, as well as spy fiction under the pen name Alexander Court. He also had his own company as an intelligence consultant for business.

An American immigrant and linguist — Dr. Pieczenik was born in Cuba to Jewish refugees from the Holocaust, emigrating here when he was eight. He is a well-known patriot because of his courage to stand up publicly to refute the lies promulgated by the Deep State.

Close watchers of the video, by InfoWars, of all outlets, noted Pieczenik’s large blood red ring, the same as worn by dictators and degenerates, including John Podesta. And with his past work inside government and mislabeling of posts describing him as a Director of the CIA, along with the gall to appear on Alex Jones, many watchers posted they thought he must be some misinformation plant.

Here are some great clips pulled posted to Twitter from a March, 2017 interview by Alex Jones, with the originals hard to find now because of InfoWars’s deplatforming from YouTube.

Here, Dr. Pieczenik slams the incompetence of the CIA because of their weakest Achilles heel; in trying to mind-meld the populace, they come up with absurd narratives that end up compromising the players and are eventually discovered by the public. As well as calling out 9-11 for what, effectively, was the inside job, he was also a loud voice declaring the Sandy Hook Massacre as a false flag.

In this clip, he denounces the CIA, in their internal war to shut down the NSA, which became the Ed Snowden scandal.

He said 9/11 “was so embarrassing to our military,” where they were “literally bushwhacked into a war by the civilian CIA,” including John Brennan, the first person he names in that cabal, in league with Congressmen and Senators, “who eventually become ‘honorable’… but they were criminals.”

Speaking for the military, he said they felt “we no longer want to be part of a republic that duped the American public… the public had to be paramount, the individual had to be supreme in this republic.”

At that point, the military turned to him as a public-facing mouthpiece to relay their message, which has since been codified as Q.

Dr. Pieczenik described the problem for the CIA as always having been maintaining “stupid narratives” — he gives examples of the flip-flopping in the faked biography of Snowden as an example: “It’s so cockameny, it’s so convoluted, this is typical CIA nonsense”

And, on a bigger scale, so was former President Barack Obama’s “assassination” of Osama Bin Laden.

“In fact, was already dead, and he had a renal dialysis machine and he couldn’t move, and but they killed him in Pakistan, in the sen of the most secure area of Pakistan… all the special forces, the SEALs… they were all compromised by a stupid narrative that couldn’t be corrected, and that’s why the CIA has had a real problem… stupidity, arrogance and incompetence.”

This tweet seemed apropos — the campaign was great, but the real legend will be the election sting that took down a whole generation of corruptniks as the American people watched along, some in tears, others eating popcorn.



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