The GTV leaks of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop reached the fourth phase on Monday, the day before Election 2020.

The Chinese dissident producers of the videos are improving their presentation skills, with more English-language uploads and background material for context. The latest info offers more nuance into the psyche of Hunter Biden and a look at the machinations of the CCP machine behind this endless op.


So far

So far, the evidence has been in three categories: emails and scanned documents showing bribes in the forms of direct payments (a $1 million retainer to be the personal U.S. attorney for China’s spy chief and a 10% equity stake in a $1.5 billion company funded by China, the Bohai Harvest RST investment vehicle); sexual depravity and drug addiction (Hunter Biden continuously naked and smoking a crack pipe while filming sexual relations: by himself, with pairs of women, with his brother’s widow Hallie Biden, and with her daughter, his underage niece Natalie, with elder Obama daughter Malia and possibly with Lady Gaga, with whom at least he was smoking crack in the bedroom); plus specific acts known to be part of the CCP’s blackmail setup (namely, through recorded sex blackmail and illegal narcotics with Liu Yifei, the star of Disney’s Mulan, who Chinese dissidents said earns $150 million annually not from acting, but “by sex bribing people,” per the CCP’s orders.)

Hunter took the money, they had copies of personal dirt over his head and they sent the black ops team to make sure the blackmail was done perfectly.

Direct gains for the CCP include Hunter taking receipt of unlisted phone numbers (from Kathy S. Chung, VP Biden’s former personal assistant, who Hunter then hired for his own firm, Rosemont Seneca) of all the Congressional leaders and their Secret Service details, and forwarding those numbers onto Beijing.

And Hunter using his a UN-related non-profit to fall into a Chinese spider trap, through which he was awarded a large blood diamond as a gift, while this interlocutor was eventually nabbed for massive bribery in Africa and the other fellow, attached to the Chinese LNG business for which Hunter was paid a $1 million retainer, was really a national spy chief. The evidence from the plots is available now, but the crimes were reported before. (Read more about it here from an independent journalist who covered the court case and also includes Hunter’s stated rationale from the New Yorker’s their fawning Biden tribute.)



The tapes have yet to show the “cruel abuse of Chinese people” promised in the first drop, but now there’s much more background being discussed about his depravity. At this point, patient readers have been hoping for evidence of heinous crimes, particularly anything screaming “crimes against children,” but, that, so far, is staying within the Biden household.

The sad truth behind Hunter Biden’s perversion are rooted in the early deaths of his mother and sister, so much so that he sources all the signposts in his life from his mother’s family and geographic history.

He memorialized Mom’s roots in a recent tattoo on his back, which struck many of the viewers as fetishistic tiger claw scratches, but were actually a map of the upstate New York Finger Lakes region, eleven narrow lakes where her family, the Hunters, were local players.

His investment/lobbying firm Rosemont Seneca, refers to Seneca Lake, and one of his other companies, Skanaeteles LLC, referred to in the documents, as in Skanaeteles Lake, her hometown.

(Rosemont from Rosemont Seneca is for Rosemont Farm is the name of the Heinz family’s 90-acre estate outside Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, of Biden partner Chris Heinz, step-son of Secretary of State John Kerry.)

His full name is Robert Hunter Biden; her name was Neilia Hunter and her father was Robert Hunter. He owned the Hunter’s Dinerant, in Auburn, New York, and a car dealership.

The “Lolita Complex” – Hunter Biden’s Pathological Pedophilia

Revelations in the data dump now reveal that Hunter seduced his very own daughter, Naomi Biden, named after his younger sister who died at 14-months old in the car accident that also took his mother’s life.

There are a lot more graphic images available, the point of this slice here is the nose and hair are the same.

This is about as sordid as it goes, though last week the Lothario certainly raised eyebrows when it was shown he was also sexually involved with his brother’s daughter — here, this is first-degree incest, and, apparently, like most of the images, from two or three years ago.

Our new Chinese narrators go deep to paint an interesting tableau, in this latest post. This writer describes the plot of Nabokov’s Lolita, with the key turning points that the main character, Humbert, loses his mother at three and his teenage crush Annabel to typhoid, so the two combined send him to replace Annabel with Lolita, who, in the end, seduces him.

So, here, Hunter also loses his Mom at three, plus his baby sister, who his own daughter is named after, and, perhaps, he never really makes it out.

Last week, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani put the son’s worsening addictions on the father, and tied to the stress of being thrown with deep state criminals and mafiosi to do these deals.

As for daughter Naomi, she’s not a minor, now in her mid-twenties, a Columbia Law School student and a contemporary and even friend of first (or is it second?) daughter Tiffany Trump at University of Pennsylvania, according to Marie Claire.

What strikes this reporter in that effervescent bio is she went to New Zealand (planned escape home for the global elite) Turkey (NATO’s frenemy #1) and China with the Vice President. The China trip to meet Chairman Xi was nine years ago, she was a teenager and was in many of the photos are just with Pops. The infamous trip there with Hunter and his other daughter, Finnegan (who Joe kisses on the lips at campaign stops), was in 2013, when Hunter came home with the paperwork for his own Chinese investment company that started this whole caper.

BEIJING, CHINA – AUGUST 17, 2011: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (L) and his granddaughter Naomi Biden arrive at the Beijing Capital International Airport on August 17, 2011 in Beijing, China. Vice President Joe Biden arrived for a five-day visit in China, and will later visit emerging U.S. partner Mongolia and longstanding ally Japan on his first trip to East Asia as vice president. (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

BEIJING, CHINA – AUGUST 17, 2011: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (L) and his granddaughter Naomi Biden arrive on Air Force Two at the Beijing Capital International Airport on August 17, 2011 in Beijing, China.(Photo by Ng Han Guan-Pool/Getty Images)

BEIJING, CHINA – AUGUST 17, 2011: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (L) and his granddaughter Naomi Biden arrive for a visit at the Beijing Capital International Airport on August 17, 2011 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Mark Ralston-Pool/Getty Images)

US Vice President Joe Biden (2nd L), his wife Jill Biden (L), his granddaughter Naomi Biden (3rd L( pose with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (2nd R), his wife Emine Erdogan (R) and his daughter Sumeyye Erdogan (R) after a meeting at Yildiz Mabeyn Palace on January 23, 2016 in Istanbul. / AFP / POOL / SEDAT SUNA (Photo credit should read SEDAT SUNA/AFP via Getty Images)

Before the “laptop from Hell,” Hunter’s drug used had already been exposed and the daughter defended him online.

Here she offers a portrait of a man, with flaws and facing uncertainty, but who knew his primary role in the family was to support his brother to take over his father’s mantle. she also described how he transferred from Georgetown Law to Yale, home the elite corruptnik Clintons and Bushes.

So, maybe, like in the book by Nabokov, the child seduces the old man? What happened with her and Pops on the trip to China? These sick behaviors are taught young, in the best families. That she consented as an adult out of pity or pathos seems more humane, but just far too unlikely.



This whole sordid tale is brought to us by Hunter’s vanity for taking all the pictures, the CCP who took copies of the drives, but also the three Chinese men who decided to flip the secrets on the blackmailers, revealing their game and freeing those caught in the web.

Guo Wengui mentions their names, but now we have been offered more detail into their story, in English, finally. The gist is that three powerful CCP figures, Jiang Zeming, Zeng Qinghong and Meng Jianzhu, were about to be thrown overboard, or under the bus, as we say, by Chairman Xi. So, instead, they took the blackmail Xi was hoping to use to keep this U.S. leading family in check, and delivered them to the Department of Justice.

In this description, the three drives contain photos and sex tapes of American politicians, the narrator reads over a picture of Hunter in the bath tub, then drops a photo and name of current Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin as one of the compromised.

The second drive contains information about the bastard children of CCP leaders now living outside the country and “wealth maps” showing how money is funneled from the country into their private hands.

The third is about Chinese bio-weapon program that created today’s pandemic.

This video also makes it clear that this game has been on since VP Biden’s visit (with his grand daughter) to Chairman Xi in 2011.



All that fuss over Chinese controlling the Tik-Tok video channel was really about rigging the election, the Chinese dissidents tell us.

What they got were millions of driver license photos, scanned in to validate accounts, which, along with hundreds of thousands, including 20,000 fake IDs from Hong Kong and China found by Chicago Customs office, will help to support a ‘Red Mirage’ strategy also revealed today.

President Trump needs to win overwhelmingly by real vote at the polls; otherwise, boxes of uncounted ballots, ginned up based on the IDs and access to voter records, can quickly make 20,000 or so votes appear, more than enough to swing close districts — that is, based on the 2016 tallies or in the 2018 Midterm elections, which they insist flipped in this way.

The ‘Red Mirage’ would be to insist that the vote tally is delayed as long as possible, to provide more room for monkey business over the course of weeks or months in which they could stall.

Why the nomination and approval of Justice Barrett was so important ahead of the vote; because otherwise all their late voting questions could sneak through, but now will be stopped by the conservative-tilted Supreme Court.


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