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    Hello All!
    As many of us lost our SM platforms, personal and groups…I just wanted to come on and say my feelings at this point. As a group owner for over 3yrs, of several groups, #IBelieveInQ, #RigForRed, #PatriotsRollCall, #RedWave, and helping in many other groups…..and losing them all…I’m at the conclusion that the groups have run their course. We accomplished what we set out to do…RedPill! And boy did we ever! I’m satisfied and now as we watch the destruction of these SM BIG TECH CEO’s, we can sit back and #EnjoyTheShow.

    Of course, sitting back is in no way being complicit. I know many are still at work, researching and digging, and we share in our immediate circles of close contacts. We are WQKE! And this Election STILL needs our prayers without ceasing, that our Father will give us and our nation a reprieve for our children’s future. For our Freedoms and Libertys that we and past generations have fallen asleep. We pray for forgiveness and above ALL THINGS, set our thoughts and sights back on His Throne!

    I want many, many of my thousands of brothers and sisters that I have come to know and help along the way, that I am still here, on Twitter, Parlor, Mewe, Wimkin, and even back on fb under another aka. And I know many of you are with me….not lost….but out here on this vast I-way!

    I love and miss you all!!

    • very well put,although i’m lucky enough to still be on facebook,i still miss the camaraderie of my fellow patriots,over there i guess this maybe a new found home for us!!!