Facebook on Tuesday closed the circle on free speech when it announced that the peaceful involvement to deprogram Americans from the decades of Deep State lies would be banned, officially, because it was a busy day.

“Starting today, we will remove any Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts representing QAnon, even if they contain no violent content.”

“Our Dangerous Organizations Operations team will continue to enforce this policy and proactively detect content for removal instead of relying on user reports.”

The decision was the same day U.S. President Donald J. Trump declassified the Director of National Intelligence report into the Obama White House’s illegal wire tapping scandal, ultimately, at the heart of QAnon.This report ruled the Russian dossier was created as a diversion from Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, the full reports into which the President also declassified.

Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel also published a 449-page report to detail the unflattering findings of its yearlong probe into the market dominance of Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook.

This report sidestepped the political question — it was run by Democratic Meme Gerald Nadler on the anti-trust question — but couldn’t avoid covering all of the anti-competitive behavior in the software industry, where these giants act as monopolists with their platform and as preferred seller when they compete against their own clients.

(The report was made public but the official link to the file has since been removed — we saved it for ya here!)

So, in the same day all of the secrets were revealed around the facts of institutional corruption, censorship and lawlessness that QAnon has railed against for three years, QAnon was ruled verboten.

Fiction’s worst dystopias in the Big Brother genre never conceived of such a bizarre twist in the land of the free.

If not about censorship, the timing might just be that they were afraid Facebook would collapse under all those frog memes saying ‘I told you so.’

The truth is “we are the news now” and the fact is the domain of this very news site, built around truth, service and patriotism, was banned on Facebook for reporting about it.

The reach of Facebook is terrifying, but its tentacles long delivered those messages, so about anyone who wanted to, could have learned this content.

Whether it’s broken up as a monopoly or allowed to exist as a government agency, the extent of its reach will be challenged — it’s just too big with 2 billion logins a day. It generates $7 in annual ad revenue, or about 50 cents each person per month. (In the “US and Canada” the earn $36 per head, per year, or $3 per month.)

That’s the value of our attention to them. Cheap for what we give up in opportunity cost to gawk at their screens.


In addition to the Subcommittee’s investigation of Facebook’s monopoly power, state and federal antitrust authorities are investigating Facebook for potential violations of the U.S. antitrust laws.

Facebook reported in July 2020 that its platform includes 1.79 billion daily active users
(DAUs), 2.7 billion monthly active users (MAUs), and an average revenue per user (ARPU) of $7.05.

Last year, Facebook’s businesses collected about $70 billion in revenue—a 27% increase from the prior year—earning about $24 billion in income from its operations.

Facebook reported that its family of products—including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp—includes 2.47 billion daily active people (DAP), 3.14 billion monthly active people (MAP), and a family average revenue per person (ARPP) of $6.10.

In July 2019, Facebook disclosed that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had opened an antitrust investigation of Facebook in June 2019. Facebook also disclosed that in July 2019 the Department of Justice announced that it would begin an antitrust review of market-leading online platforms.

In September 2019, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that she joined with eight other attorneys general to lead a multistate investigation of Facebook, Inc.

In October 2019, Attorney General James reported that the investigation into Facebook grew to include 47 attorneys general.

As a standalone product, the Facebook app had the third highest reach of all mobile apps, with 200.3 million users in the United States, reaching 74% of smartphone users as of December 2019.

Facebook Messenger had the fourth highest reach, with 183.6 million monthly active persons, reaching 54.1% of U.S. smartphone users.

Finally, Instagram had the sixth highest reach, with 119.2 million users, reaching 35.3% of smartphone users. In contrast, Snapchat, the mobile app with the seventh highest reach, had 106.5 million users in the United States, reaching 31.4% of smartphone users.

Facebook’s maintenance of these high market shares over a long time period demonstrates its monopoly power.

From September 2017 to September 2018, Facebook reached more than 75% of users internationally with at or near 100% market penetration in nine of the twenty most populous countries in the world. In the United States, Facebook alone reached more than 75% of internet users during this period, while Messenger and Instagram both achieved significant reach as well.

According to a white paper prepared by a senior data scientist and economist at Facebook, the Facebook app has high reach in most countries, and its growth is in line with that of the Internet, whereas Instagram and WhatsApp are still growing “very rapidly.” For Instagram, “there appear to be no countries in which growth has hit a ceiling.”

For example, social media users spent more time on Facebook (48.6 minutes)
than on Snapchat (21 minutes) or Twitter (21.6 minutes) in 2018.

Facebook’s advantages in terms of access to data and its reach contribute to its ability to earn higher revenue per user than other firms in the social networking market. Facebook reported an average revenue per user (ARPU) of $7.05 worldwide and $36.49 in the United States and Canada in July 2020.

It has also averaged significant annual growth—26% on average over the past five years. In contrast, its closest competitor, Snap, reported in July 2020 that its ARPU “remained flat” at $1.91 worldwide and $3.48 in North America.

With more users and usage time than any other social network, Facebook provides the
largest audience and the most valuable data for social network online advertising… Most Facebook users are now accessing Facebook and its apps via mobile

Refugee patriots from Facebook Groups are now re-organizing and sharing contact details inside the QM platform as the Storm Rides at STORM.QM.NEWS, a domain also now banned from Facebook.

So much for freedom of online assembly.

Anyway, it’s too late, everyone already knows.

The social media platform’s war was on a movement that asks adherents to research American history on their own, read the actual books, FOIA documents and other information in the public sphere.

Sharing the data and then, yourself, comparing that to what politicians tell you is happening on TV.

QAnon is a mass deprogramming tool, a psyop for a good purpose, to reeducate the citizenry, to arm them with full knowledge.

At its core, QAnon is part of the “conspiracy no more” revolution, where the actual conspiracy theory is that a conspiracy doesn’t exist.

“We aim to combat this more effectively with this update that strengthens and expands our enforcement against the conspiracy theory movement,” Facebook said. Uh, huh.

If wisdom is the well-spring of life, and knowledge comes forth from its pools, a machine for sharing information, envisioned as LifeLog by DARPA and run today as Facebook, was so successful that the news it shared was powerful enough to bring its own demise. Banning QAnon is the new segregated water fountain.

Now we’re divided not by the color of our skin, but between the know and the know-nots.

Equally absurd, it’s not an estranged minority these censorship rules seek to disenfranchise, this is tens of millions of Americans.

And these are the people who ain’t scared of nothin’ — and don’t give a f**k.

Coming back from a 1956 trip photographing South Carolina’s segregated beaches for Jet magazine, Cecil J. Williams stops at a filling station, closed at the time, and drinks from a “WHITE ONLY” water fountain. Image captured by Rendall Harper, a friend of the photographer.

Turn the information spigot on for everyone.

Those who sleep soundly in bread and circus have no idea what the other half now knows.

From all walks of life, hundreds of thousands or even millions of QAnon autists now have spent 10,000 hours over the past three years reading, learning and sharing the lost truth, teaming into the dark realities of humanity.

Many who dove in were led to a religious awakening at the end. These people fear no one.

Read enough and you will learn the horrors of how the enemy built the world as a hamster wheel where the spinning cylinder we power generates electricity for the dim bulb they sell, after we enlighten it for them.

This strangle grip on power results from institutions controlled by an elaborate blackmail system created from what they do behind the scenes. Tapes record their shared twisted, amoral, heinous crime you needed to commit in order to get inducted, thus, no one ever squeals to not be outed. These are also prisoners of the secret, who could all scream at once and their bounds would be broken.

But until Q, no one said anything, or, more like, no one believed them. First-person tales from the crypt confirm what this is all about. Those victims survived and the nightmares they endured are summed up in three words.

What was referred to by NYPD when they catalogued the evidence on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, files between his wife Huma and Hillary the could be declassified now, they called it ‘CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN’

The corporate connections and paper trail extends to the fact that all the NGOs supposedly combating this scourge receive donations from these powerful elite who co-opt their organizations to run as illegal orphan snatching and child trafficking rings to guaranty a flow of kids to abuse.

At all the levels of the pedophile economy, rings are being busted by the Feds around the country. But the news is buried.

A week ago, before yesterday’s total ban, Facebook said:

We are taking steps to address evidence that QAnon adherents are increasingly using the issue of child safety and hashtags like #savethechildren to recruit and organize.

Starting today, we will direct people to credible child safety resources when they search for certain child safety hashtags.

In addition, content about QAnon and child safety is eligible for fact checking through our third-party fact-checking program.

Content that is debunked will be reduced in News Feed and filtered from Explore and hashtags on Instagram, will receive a label (so that people who see it, try to share it or already have, will see more context), and it will be rejected as an ad.

We continue to work with external experts to address QAnon supporters using the issue of child safety to recruit and organize.

So what’s happened in a week is this deluge of truth overpowered the censors, who couldn’t move their black marker fast enough over our headlines, so they threw in the towel.

Can’t control the news, then shut down QAnon. Or at least on Facebook.

We’re publishing on the website and everyone who subscribes gets it inboxed every day.

The people who were really punished here used FB as their online performance space and sharing server. Their dragnet, which they reported now include #MAGA and #TRUMP2020 as potential triggers white-supremacists were hiding behind, many grandparents just lost the right to see grandkid pics. Or, the many Anons who had upload reams of information and hundreds of posts, now inaccessible as they’ve been deplatformed from their accounts.

Anyway, the secret is out. QAnon can never die. And all the big newspapers are going to have to eat crow when they cover the grand finale — there’s no way to hide from what’s coming.


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