Predicting his own social media death yesterday, the “Cicada” was martyred overnight on Facebook. Indeed, reporting on his suspension, QUARTERMASTER NEWS met the same fate.

Yet, Brain Skroski vowed to “regenerate” on the platform to continue “information warfare”
In a letter posted to the Storm Riders platform, the experienced Anon wrote to his followers that he expected Facebook to ban him again, this time being the fourth since August 19th. He said, “Now I find myself the lab rabbit. The first account to REGENERATE and go back to the FRONT….to drop more TRUTH bombs, awaken the sleeping majority.”

“As I go on this journey, I pray that we truly found the magic loophole to their CENSORSHIP…and we all can return rapidly…to continue the dissemination of the TRUTH. If so…we will live up to that biblical plague…”


In QMN reporting on his “death,” Facebook’s censorship brigade banned the url of Cicada’s Storm Riders, a platform envisioned by Skroski as a depot of users’ past and current Facebook and Twitter handles to enable them to find each other when their accounts were inevitably shut down this month, an impending doom that has preoccupied thousands of members of his group.

Unfortunately, the Storm Riders cloaking software was still in the works last night as the Facebook algorithms established by the brownshirt police there, snagged the Storm Riders, Cicada and QMN in an apparent dragnet operation to take down honest journalists, truth seekers and suppress the truth.

The QMN editor and newspaper accounts were killed there, too. Yet here we are.

Pro veritate – for the truth.



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    Kenn F Burghaus 1 year ago

    I supplied Brian with another account last evening and he was up this morning when i checked I see he must have been taken down again. Cue Vadis is gone . I saw glitches and page changes on it that werent done by the moderators so they were either spoofing or who knows what… i brought this back with me from twitter..

    • Brian Skroski 1 year ago

      I had T make all those changes.
      Tried hiding it from purge.
      Thus…why it was so important for me to get a hold of him….which I did.

  2.' Author
    Josiah Ross 1 year ago

    I saw a Swedish woman was put in charge of the group. I posted some links to it and tried to befriend her. if it were a trap — to see who would follow up about Brian, then they got me.

    No worries as we are plotting revenge here… Probably better it happened on the first day.

    • Brian Skroski 1 year ago

      That was by design. I did that.
      Admins wife.
      Clean acct.
      Hoped it would preserve group come Oct1st.

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