UN: Were never going back to Normal

■TRUMP: We will return to normal!



Q’s AC130 Gunship drop is always followed by a major BOOM,  Casting light upon (evidence) a Deep State TRAITOR.

Post 4902 was the first AC130 drop that was followed up by POST4903 Nuclear Launch Vid; “Set condition 1SQ for strategic nuclear missile strike”.

The following drops were not the BOOM that we were expecting, they were refreshers over the past few years of interconnected crimes by the Democrats+ traitors: TREASON and crimes against women and children.

SETTING THE STAGE, as we say, for what…..”BIGGEST DROP EVER”.

Confirmation was given that this was indeed the case, Q’s last drop Oct 22.


June 24th 2020 was a busy day.  Q had two very important drops, the first showing us for the first time [ISD].   

Clicking the link from the Guardian takes us to the story.

Clicking on Institute for Strategic Dialogue takes us directly to ISD Global. UNESCO/UN.

This resembles GCHQ/JTRIG in action. Looks like CIIS, ISD, and JTRIG are one.

▪︎The next big Q drop was POST 4509.         The instructions on how to build a Central Command off of Social Media, link through bridging (sharable to SM) and cloaked from A I; “Think TRON Master Control Program”. Preparing for BIG TECH’S total censorship on social media platforms. (Yes, that’s how I knew it was coming. Thats why I asked for this very site…Storm Riders.) Not cloaked yet?

▪︎ The third piece was a HISTORIC marker. On June 25th, UN/UNESCO announced (press release) that we will never go back to normal. Populations and cities must be redesigned to accommodate for Covid19 and future mutations. 

■Smart Cities/ Strong Cities/AGENDA21

Qing Xu the Asst Sec for Unesco, former official in China’s CIIS (Propaganda machine), announced “we are never returning to normal ever”,




reinforced the UN’S Strong Cities to adapt our way of living to fit with that new normal.


China’s Minister of THOUGHT is now a top dog on UNESCO, driving communist policies across the World.



[WHO] do we save for last? All distractions aside, it is simply WHO.

WHO is an arm of UNESCO, which is the ‘machine/apparatus’ for the implementation of all UN POLICIES. This brings us to UN/UNESCO. The very ones who shut down the entire earth for the Covid 19 pandemic. Dictating policy across the globe for health and viral defence.


Social distancing

Mandated testing

Mandated Vaccinations (coming)

Censorship of all internet/social medias

The UN’s declaration of NEVER GOING BACK TO NORMAL, aka the NEW NORMAL, June 2020. UNESCO.

Allowing the Global plan of their permanent takeover, AGENDA21, through their STRONG CITIES + SMART CITIES (Track and Trace), China’s Social Credit System…ground zero for the entire planet.

Those without the mark of the beast can not buy or sell, Vaxxed/UnVaxxed. Not a conspiracy…the masks and social distancing, essential stores/workers only, non corporate stores deemed nonessential while CHINA’S outlets (WalMart/CostCo/Amazon),etc dominated our market. Goodbye to Trump’s Make America Great Again…hello China. This shut down was originally supposed to be for 5 weeks only, March- May 2020.

Now we find ourselves deep into October and WHO is pushing for Covid20. Last week, steep increases in Covid19 numbers. A resurgence of cases, fear porn being delivered through all their media.

■ Track and Trace: planned.

[Podesta/Schmidt/Braverman/Big Tech]

From the emails we can see, we are dealing with a certain kind of evil. This is not the caliber of person we wish to be in charge of our future. Schmidt Futures?!

■ Gen Flynn changes Twitter background picture, Change of batter?

Remember the Batter Box?

  Is it JUSTICE (K) Kavanaugh Time?

POST 22 NG, perhaps the stage is now fully set to expose the UN/DS/sick peoples crimes…..finally.

Walz activates Minnesota National Guard following developments in Floyd case


 October 22, 2020 12:15 PM

Gov. Tim Walz activated the Minnesota National Guard Thursday afternoon following developments in the case against the four former officers charged in the fatal arrest of George Floyd.

Thursday morning, Judge Peter Cahill ruled the trial would proceed for former officers. He also dismissed the third-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin, but kept the second-degree murder charge.

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