While it may be true that the 2020 election “was the most secure in American history,” at least according to Department of Homeland Security’s CISA, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, where it counts, in actually taking the temperature of the populace, it was as much of a failure, or worse, than ever before.

And this time the White House stood up to call out the cheaters. Readers of this newspaper know who will be vindicated. Sadly, though, the political winds blow fiercely among the technocrats manning that ship.

Rather than stick with what the Commander-in-Chief is saying, the little CISA nerds leading the NCSWIC, the National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators, established in July 2010 to steer each state’s communication system technocrats, thought this was the time to stick it in his eye.

“Orange Man Bad,” they’re screaming, so their own credentials would be burnished amongst the Communists to whose ranks they hope to return in Palo Alto or San Francisco’s Pacific Heights, or its aptly named Russian Hill or, perhaps, most descriptive for this lot: Nob Hill.

There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised,” the NCSWIC said, in bold. “While we know there are many unfounded claims and opportunities for misinformation about the process of our elections, we can assure you we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should too. When you have questions, turn to elections officials as trusted voices as they administer elections.”

In reality, the half of America who voted for Trump watched the litany of abuses in this election. The election officials, the ballot counters, the poll workers — indeed, these are the prime suspects. The people pulling their strings, well, the usual Demoncrat gangsters.

Mailed ballots sent to all and sundry; in Georgia, reports of teams of harvesters going to old age homes and homeless camps and envelopes straight from China with reams of votes to count; a box of a hundred thousands ballots in Michigan with only one candidate’s name and nothing else selected; and even a mafioisi in Philadelphia who has reportedly claimed to have earned a $3 million payday for delivering hundreds of thousands of votes cooked up by his crew, and accepted into the back of the Civic Center in the middle of the night.

But that’s paper and CISA said the computer counts were clean?

Here, we’ve reported on how simple it is for high schoolers to hack the Dominion machines, to add thousands of ballots, or delete them from the count, to add test ballots and not remove them to add to the count, to have votes saved on memory cards that were left out of the count, or just as easily fraudulently add them.

As to the underlying question, yes, we heard the Congressional testimony in January that America’s voting machines are not being altered remotely, yet, here we have instances already in this election and in those prior where, indeed, votes get counted backwards — as in take away a thousand from him and give them over to the other guy.

The executives lied and we swallowed it.

Testimony from poll workers who decided to tell the truth should cast so much darkness upon this vote that law-abiding citizens all over this land should rise up to demand audits and recounts.

Yes, CISA says those are natural here when so many state vote counts are being decided by such slim margins. But what they should have said, was, yes, we prepared as much as we thought we could, within the frameworks we were provided, but no, no, no. The scope for fraud was so great, the coordination so concerted, the evil so ingrained in America’s voting system, that rather than being asked to resign, we should all volunteer to do so to make the point, that in the age of iPhone the technology underpinning our machines is as antiquated as the belt-worn pager. But they did no such thing.

In light of this, in an atmosphere where the unelected social media technocrats from San Franistan believe they have the right and obligation to censor the President of the United States, well, heads needed to roll.

One was Bryan S. Ware, Assistant Director for Cybersecurity at CISA, a former artificial intelligence entrepreneur, whose mission in government was protecting and strengthening the nation’s critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

The other was his boss, Chris Krebs, the director of CISA, who the New York Post pegged as being protected by DHS acting Secretary Chad Wolf who refused to fire him.

“He gave us a bunch of reasons why he didn’t want to do it and he said no,” a senior White House official told The Post about Wolf’s refusal. “If anything, Chad is carrying Krebs’ water.”

Krebs is the same former Microsoft executive who has led CISA since 2017, with all that we’ve learned since then about the machinations behind the curtain, and he decided to launch a “Rumor Control” website to debunk the very “claims” being made by the President.

If you’ve learned anything since 2017, it’s that U.S. President Donald J. Trump is the only person on the stage with the full deck of 52 marked cards for which he knows each of their places in the shuffle, so we, the humble watchers, are mystified that he seems to always get it right.

Of course he does! The Sting is designed this way. He knows exactly what’s happening and is putting on this little show so that all the peasants, running around like headless chickens, can finally wake up to the trickery that has beset our status quo for so many long years.

Let’s wrap this up, trot out the evidence, demand those recounts, get those judges to rule according to law and common sense and expose the evil doers!

Where it used to be the job of government apparatchiks to help keep the trains running, and maybe help a little to get them to run on time, the reality is the iron of those tracks is rotted straight through, nothing is holding us up beyond momentum, itself; the challenge of ye government worker is to humbly help save this Republic.

Stand firm, patriots. Today is the 17th, good day for booms.


UPDATE: 19:07



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