Glenn Greenwald, the “co-creator” of The Intercept, one of the most well funded online news sites created to question the security state, quit his lucrative gig on Thursday after Joe Biden supporters on the news team’s staff put the kibosh on his work, for the first time, refusing to publish his article as written.

The piece, which he published on his own after he walked out, described media blindness to details of a widespread influence peddling operation revealed in the weeks before the 2020 U.S. election, starting with emails and blackmail saved on Hunter Biden’s laptop and then corroborated by the businessman hired by the family to run this international investment and lobbying effort, all of predicated on VP Joe Biden’s unwritten name on the door.

(Yes, we did publish that story, and have been for weeks.)

In an impassioned statement to Tucker Carlson, Greenwald railed against his former partners, but also recognized the impetus of his own six-year “truth telling” venture, that we all knew — it’s just another a Deep State front.

Where Greenwald was led to believe the $250 million invested by eBay Founder Pierre Omidyar in what became the First Look media non-profit, producer of documentaries as well as the news magazine, with $90 million spent between 2013 and 2017, the truth is the money was used to buy his silence.

The trove of data Greenwald claimed access to from NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden never really got published by The Intercept. Wonder why?

In fact, what long-time followers of American mind-melding deduced, with a little help from blackballed WikiLeaks whistleblower Julian Assange in 2016, Greenwald was just another mockingbird, and, of course, he had no idea.

Who did understand this black hat vs. white hat, whistleblower vs whistlestopper war playing out in our newspapers was Q.

This truther hit the nail on the head!

Q is NSA – Assange Tripcode Confirms – Snowden is Clown Scam – UK Cut Assange Embassy Comms – John Kerry Medieval Pirate – John Podesta Child Rapist – “pizzagate is real”

Rather than a citizen whistleblower, Snowden was a “clown” operative whose role was to hamstring the NSA by inviting our misplaced public scrutiny, weakening the agency in its fight against the Deep State CIA. Ultimately, the CIA’s goal was to shut down the NSA or have it subsumed into their umbrella. The outcome was to delegitimize them so they couldn’t make their claims outright, forcing Q to “catch a dangerous animal” by setting a trap where truth locks the cage.

The media’s quick embrace of Snowden as hero should have been enough to alert us that their unanimous support was all a set up, as the m0ckingbird media never backs the underdog. Snowden is Deep State.

Rather than the media’s “surprise” with his revelations that the NSA can access all data, it should just be a tautology. The NSA has it all, as Q says. Of course they do – but it’s not that the government is stockpiling messages, like in the familiar narrative, but have access — a priori — to the entire cloud, everything, everywhere online, that’s just how it works.

Snowden is a scam; The Intercept, set up to publish his data really just was the “news” the NSA has access to our data, is just a diversion. Interestingly, none of the Snowden data trove led to real stories on their contents — thinking specifically about one series they ran that was just a review of internal newsletters all the high clearance people get in their inbox. Another one was about the Verizon data center and another about the one hidden behind City Hall. Gotta put all the data somewhere… Fluff.

The bigger picture behind Snowden, The Intercept’s owner, Pierre Omidyar, is a former Booz Allen deep-stater (where Snowden worked along with Dell and CIA). When Omidyar came in as a “white knight” to help Craigslist, he actually locked poor Craig and his company in a court battle for a hostile takeover after he couldn’t steal their secret sauce. Maybe the real story is they wanted to keep secret that the credit card companies (and PayPal) give out freely to deep-staters; his Hawaii connection is territory of the bad guys, etc. — Anons can flesh the rest of this out…

The point is the NSA actually does not care about anything “we the people” are doing online – the only comms they want to access are from the criminals, the Cabal, which is why the CIA wanted desperately to shut the NSA down, with media-placed articles specifically calling for this to happen up into the very last days of the transition before Trumpy took office.

Trumpy, indeed!

What’s interesting about that article is it also verifies the whole story is true and Q is an insider for the NSA working with Assange by pulling in two Q codes they each shared.

When Assange went dark — after Hillary Clinton threatened a drone strike him because he threaten to release the equivalent of the Hunter Biden laptop against her every week of the final before the 2016 election — he Tweeted out a code.

When the author of the above chronicle inserts that, what we now call Q Code, into Google Books, what came out was a series of book titles about deception, Kerry’s Illuminati overlords and a real rabbit hole dive that exposes The Beatles for being the music version of the scam Greenwald didn’t he realize he was part of. Wowzers.

A few weeks later, on the day of the infamous Comet Pizza assault, the NSA put out a Tweet, quickly deleted, but patriots grabbed screenshots. It carried the same kind of code; in fact, half of the numbers were the very same as what Assange posted.

Yes, #pizzagate is real. That Q code linked to a whole list of books about the euphemistic “crimes against children” which readers of WikiLeaks emails understand former Clinton Chief of Staff Podesta to be a key organizing figure.

Pizza is a code for a young girl and hot dog is young boy — as in former President Obama spent $65,000 on hot dogs flown in from Chicago for a party at the White House, what we learned from those same leaked emails in 2016.

Apparently, judging by the wayback machine, the links for the first set seem to have been valid for most of the past four years, though they have been scrubbed to all redirect to one book — a polemic given a scientific reason against climate change, that, in fact, it’s getting colder.

As for the NSA link, it is still valid, going to a slew of books, maybe twice as many as there were originally, all about Deep State crimes.

And what might be a joke, but not a coincidence, and maybe just the outcome of patriots standing on each other’s shoulders to reach greater heights to secure our liberty, this longer book list reflects many of the actual book covers on that truther site’s homepage.

In other words, we are somehow all Q, or the NSA has a sense of humor, or we just stumbled onto Q’s website.

The site is called and had been C0RRUPTI0N USA, with zeros instead of letter o’s before the site was hacked and partially restored, according to what you can gather from the wayback machine. Twitter denizens knew C0RRUPTI0N USA as a big account, linking out to all those deep state books and articles, and obviously burned in a purge, but too late for the liars.

Americans are waking up, and Thank the Lord, anonymous patriots accepted the challenge to open our minds to what’s really happening out there.

As for Greenwald’s own revelations, let’s see how far he wants to walk on the wild side.

It’s tougher to the tell truth without $250 million behind you, but more satisfying, because, indeed, the war is real. When all you have left to lose is your freedom, you dig in.

Buckle up, four more days.


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