From Anon,

I am not sure what we are watching here. I am enjoying the show, love our Country, thankful to God, this is epic, no wonder Q says Biblical.

These call outs, the Q posts, the Qrumbs. Q uses that ac-130, Submarine lingo, Navy Lingo, Military Lingo. We are watching one of the final battles, either on-going or already played out and a script/surrender being followed as they watch ‘their leaders’ & ‘their fixers’ get removed from the battlefield in the Game played. Q in my humble opinion, has always been a US military operation utilizing Supercomputers to capture evidence(broad rake), sift evidence(Algorithms),and predict future moves. This technology has always been employed against Freedom/American citizens/Citizens of the world, but Patriots captured it, there have been quite a few captures like the Post Office in D.C.. I am comfy, I understand why Q operation had to be activated, I understand what the purpose, of at least my ‘targeted group’, of all of us has been, the Digital Army, the Internet’s own dose of American Militia.

These monopolies, like Alphabet, C_A, Fakebook, microsoft… ALL OF THEM we have been watching get destroyed and their real purpose and identity exposed.

This is amazing. Even Rush Limbaugh @RealRLimbaugh is talking about it right this second. Appreciate what we see going on.


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