The inbox here at The War Zone can be pretty interesting on any given morning, but today’s correspondence featured something you definitely don’t see every day—an entire Patriot air defense battery sprawled out on a runway at a small regional airport. Apparently, very few people, if anyone, at Easterwood Airport in College Station, Texas knew exactly what was going on with the sudden deployment of the Army’s preeminent air defense system, either.

“Nobody knows anything, they just showed up” one commercial pilot that flies in and out of Easterwood daily told The War Zone.

We reached out to the Easterwood Airport’s administration and they had very little knowledge of what exactly was the deal with the Army setting-up shop on their grounds. They mentioned that around 300 soldiers accompanied the radars, command and control elements, and multiple transporter-erector-launchers that make up the Patriot system that is currently arrayed along Taxiway G and Runway 11-29 at the airport.


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