You know we are about to win when both platforms deemed us, ENEMY #1.
The final fight for free speech is about to launch. We have the CLOAKER, we have access to backup accts.
All the pieces are in place. Just ironing out the wrinkles. This must be a flawless design as it is our final battle.

Humanity vs Quantum systems.
Human heart and soul vs AI.

    Kara duffy 1 year ago

    Thank u for your work Brian!!! We miss u on fakebook

    • Author
      Brian Skroski 1 year ago

      Obviously I will be returning.
      That is the FRONT.
      I’m waiting for the moment that we have all the tools here for endless strikes, Over There.
      As MacArthur said at Corregidor….
      “I SHALL RETURN”!!!!


    I’m here not sure what I’m doing Brain, but thank u for all your dedication and hard work!#WWG1WGA

    • Author
      Brian Skroski 1 year ago

      You did great. We have a group now.
      “Welcome aboard”.
      You can chat there until I create a better working chat forum…similar to facebook…in a sense.

      Karen Kennedy 1 year ago

      Me too. I know the why, and I’m very willing, just struggling to understand the how. Thank you for all those involved in trying to help us spread the word.

      • Author
        Brian Skroski 1 year ago

        You are welcome. Still new…still putting the finishing touches up. Soon….I pray…this ship starts firing back!

    Beverley Anderson 1 year ago

    Thankyou for your work Brian, I am also here but not sure of the navagation yet lol WWG1WGA

    • Author
      Brian Skroski 1 year ago

      Yes….its primitive for now.
      This was built over night.
      We are adding in easy to use add ons.
      Better chat capability.

    Angel Madhu 1 year ago

    We are unstoppable and we are the news now. They are in PANIC. Why?

    because Patriots Are Now In Control

    Thank you Brian.

    • Author
      Brian Skroski 1 year ago

      Don’t thank me yet,
      I have yet to set out what I intended on doing.
      Launching never ending strikes on FB…
      Dropping truth bombs that reach the masses, not shadow banned or deboosted.
      Hopefully….this happens any day….
      The CLOCK is Ticking.

        Angel Madhu 1 year ago

        My account is still up and am posting whatever I can on FakeBook. I just need to save memes and information here. We will get there. And yes The clock is ticking!

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