The mirage sun meets the real deal while setting of Lake Erie near Cleveland Ohio. Worth the wait.

Chinese dissidents are accusing former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg of funding the ‘Red Mirage’ scam to steal tomorrow’s election from U.S. President Donald Trump in favor VP Joe Biden, who, like Bloomberg are both Chinese Communist Party plants.

According to Guo Wengui’s GTV and GNews, which are disseminating the contents of Hunter Biden’s compromised laptop, “Mike Bloomberg will launch an operation called ‘Red Mirage’ on election night will unleash ANTIFA rioters across America to stop President Trump’s re-election.”

They also said that although the details have yet to be revealed, Bloomberg is among those blackmailed by the CCP and named as such in Hunter Biden’s laptop files.

In a post published on Monday, the dissidents said: “The legitimacy of the election will be challenged if Trump declares victory on the night of the election on Nov 3. Protests throughout the US will put pressure on President Trump to delay his announcement about the final result of the election.”

They said ballots are being held to allow for large drops to overwhelm the president’s lead in the final moments of counting.

“The goal of this plot is to encourage riots and lawsuits until all the mail-in ballots, including the fake ones, are counted to ensure a Biden win,” the dissidents said.

Tim Murtaugh, communications director for the Trump 2020 re-election campaign, issued a statement from Justin Clark, deputy campaign manager, warning supporters.

But rather than the plot, just the ‘Red Mirage’ argument — that Biden voices will argue that the margin is too close and incoming ballots would push the candidate over the top, so a final decision on the winner should be held, then held indefinitely. To add flames here, large contingents of Biden-supported lawyers are expected to swamp polling places and judges with pleas to keep the count rolling.

Ultimately, the way forward is a strong in-person showing by Trump supporters tomorrow to make the winning margin insurmountable and probably the only way through the trap.


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