Cicada 3301 was a training ground for Anons from 2014 to 2016.

“You had to know all of history, tech, human history til this moment, you had to be a Jeopardy Master to complete the Cicada puzzle,” says Brian Skroski, moderator of a 65,000-strong member Q group on Facebook and the driving force behind a “Noah’s Ark” built at to safeguard his member’s handles before Fakebook shuts everyone down.

“They have to say what they’re doing, and they said it, any group or account can be shut as of October 1 for any reason — and they’ve already begun,” Brian said. His account was put on pause by “Cuckerburg” over the weekend for the gross infraction of liking a post. His groups have been shut down and rebuilt more times than he can remember — at least a dozen — but he perseveres, and why not. It’s the Anon way.

“These bastards are the forces of darkness — we’re the patriots of the Revolutionary War that the British called pirates. We won the war then, and here we are now, we will win it, again!”

Brian’s involvement in the battle for information and discernment goes back to Anonymous, at its founding in 2010, before that movement was co-opted by those dark forces in early 2016.

“This is Biblical,” Brian says. “Like in the Ten Commandments. First came the cicadas — like the locust — and their 17-year hibernation is up next Spring, and then came the frogs.”

The frog being Pepe and the memewar being what was waged “from basements everywhere” that helped usher in the presidency of Donald J. Trump, that time when the underdog, backed by the United States Armed Forces, regained control of the country after half a century of corruption at the highest levels of our nation. (If you’re new to Pepe, read this one.)

“Trump is Moses, the time of liberation is now, the spirit is returning to the people,” Brian says.

How much Moses does Trump have in him? Ask Brian, he can quote scripture and verse, plus find the YouTube clip — like any good Anon, he’s big on showing primary sources.

“Sure, that time a kid came up to him, this was Halloween at the White House, a kid’s in an Egyptian costume, Trump’s talking to him, then takes hold of his scepter, you know, the ‘bronze snake’ to protect the Hebrews from fiery snakes in the desert — Trump holds it up and shakes towards the press. He knows exactly what he’s doing!”

That brings us to one of the yet unpinned down mysteries of Q — “P serves the Chair.”

Is it the P for Pharaoh, or for the Payseurs, that old French royal family that’s held founding shares in the railroads and American blue chips since the 1800s, or is it P for Pelosi, or what?

“P is Podesta, as in John Podesta, former Clinton Chief of Staff, and the chair he serves might as well just be Soros, as in George Soros, and just look up the crime of little Madeline McCain, a girl farmed with the same Coloboma eye deformity as old George. The truth is sickening. It’s about connecting the dots and the Podesta Group, which was probably the most powerful lobbyist ever in Washington, has its hand in 13 companies, six of them made bank off of COVID, including Coviden, get it? They produced all the ventilators, which it turns out we didn’t really need. At all. Connect the dots — the truth is out there, you just have to see it.”

Madeline McCain.

Like so many Anons who took up this fight, Brian got his “training” via the Cicada 3301 game, a precursor to understanding how to research and diagram facts and logic needed to decipher the Q posts.

But, after a while, rather than stay anonymous — “I got nothin’ to hide” — he now uses his own name to add legitimacy to a movement of many who are still afraid of the repercussions of having an inconvenient point of view in our world of political correctness gone wrong. More than being impolite, it’s the threat of violence — and death — that has kept so many mum over the years.

During the apogee of the Deep State — the prior 20 years — when truth-tellers were being killed and their murder scenes framed as suicides, many with “the knowledge” went underground. The Anon culture, the “oath” many took, was to persist in truth, never take a paycheck from it, and work around the clock to awaken those with open eyes. In the past three years, the fight has moved from the underground to the front page due to everyone’s favorite back channel source and the continuous confirmations that the White House is leading the insurgency.

A self-proclaimed Pollock Luddite, Brian’s shepherded a flock of tens of thousands from an old Samsung phone, and with the generous help of his fellow moderators Don, Will and Johnny, and woman-at-arms Becky, who single-handedly kept their technology spinning until Facebook put the kibosh on it.

He’s from south Jersey, had a permanent job as an Atlantic City limo driver that he left a handful of times to make a fat American living for a few good runs in Miami and Vegas, but always had the limo cap open to him, and fell back on it enough when he needed. Yes, he knew The Donald in AC, but wasn’t his driver.

Like so many others in this fight, Brian lost some of his closest people to the scourge of human trafficking, and knows too well how real it is and how destructive for a soul. Testimony from one who escaped and whose testimony locked up nearly 200 human traffickers before she couldn’t take it anymore — “she was my Joan of Arc,” he said — inspires him to keep at it.

“This is the satanic war to kill the pineal gland, to keep us locked out from our own spirit. Literally, when they drink that stolen child blood, they are eating life itself. This is about demons kicked out of Heaven, they can’t experience the real pleasure of life, of creativity, of faith, they need to steal it from us, and our children. But this ain’t nothin’ new, been going on since the beginning, from the Canaanites, from Cain, from evil at the very start. Only thing new is that too many of us are on to them, it ends here. This is Revelation, wake up.”

Asked why it’s the broken who have waged this fight, it’s because those on the straight and narrow only can exist there because they don’t ask questions of their Cabal masters, they don’t stand up to authority, they never challenge the system.

“These are the broken shards who dig deep to find the light,” he says.

His own awakening began at nine years old. His dad was a top engineer at the Department of Energy who had led missions in Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where Brian lived.

“When I was a kid, every weekend, dad would take off with his friends on dune buggies into the desert” — where they were going, to witness Ron Wyatt’s excavation of the real Mt. Sinai, Gebel Musa, in Saudi Arabia.

“I learned so much from my old man, all the real history, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the real mysteries of the elite.”

Gentle reader, the definition of “elite” is someone who has power from knowledge they’ve hidden — in other words, these are the people who put us under an 8-foot high dropped ceiling, while they live in the airy world of skylights and 100-foot ceilings above!

“Jesus was teaching the secrets of heaven, that’s why he was killed. The Dead Sea Scrolls — nevermind the Book of Q — Jesus was teaching about the Archons, the multi-dimensions where each of the leading demons was imprisoned because of ego instead doing God’s will. This is the very root of it, all you have to do is live your faith, that’s what’s keeping souls from ascending. Connect to your faith in this life, live true to your purpose, then your soul will be bound up in Heaven, you won’t have to keep repeating it here — you’re good to go!”

“People in Jesus’ time, just like today, were consumed with ‘vanity and nothingness’, but he ‘cured the blind’ and they could then see — they could see reality. He ‘raised them from the dead’, yes, to be alive in spirit.”

“And when I got back to the States two years after seeing the world from the other side as a kid, well, I just wasn’t going to buy into to street killings over $100 sneakers — I knew there was so much more to our existence here.”

Raising three girls on his own, he’s been teaching them the whole truth — he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Skroski cicada swarm. Photo by Matthew Strabuk / For The Press of Atlantic City

Brian spoke with QMN from Historic Smithville, New Jersey, where a few days before he staked out the event hosting Donald Trump, Jr. and First Girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The Atlantic County Republicans were hosting the couple at The Historic Smithfield Inn, founded in 1787.

“What people don’t realize here — and I lived here for most of my life — is American history was made here, in Jersey, this is the Battle of Mullica, at the Mullica River, and this was a turning point for us in the Revolutionary War, and now totally lost to history.”

“We were having trouble winning against the British. In the beginning, they had 14,000 troops, they had hired Hessians, as in German mercenaries, and Indians, and had so many ships that used to run a blockade all along the East Coast — because if we couldn’t get supplies, you were cut off, troops starved, same as today.”

George Washington was up-river at Valley Forge, and the Mullica River was his supply route.

“So what happened here was we lured ships from the blockade up the Mullica River, still so wide today, a quarter-mile, a half-mile, it looks like a huge river at the opening, but it’s very shallow.”

1770s map of the delta going into the Mullica River, West Jersey History Project.

“This was the Grand Depot, where supplies came in from the Caribbean, this was also called the Battle of Chestnut Neck, which is the name of the port here.

“We let them in, we lured the battle ships to the depot, but it’s too shallow, and as they came up towards Chestnut Neck, these three huge British ships got stuck in the mud! We knew this would happen. It was British policy not to abandon the ship to the enemy, so they set them on fire, and the sailors jumped off.

“But because they just lost three battleships, the confidence was gone — and these were mainly mercenaries at the helm who wanted to live — so they pulled the ships back to Manhattan and Long Island.

“The blockade ended, allowing free supplies to come in. This was Lafayette, John Paul Jones, these were the patriots of the Revolutionary War, but they called us pirates and privateers.”

“Look in the history books, Chestnut Neck is recorded as a modern day pirate base, but it was not true. This was a war, the British ships were beaten, and of course we sent whatever spoils to the front.”

“This was the beginning of the end for the Brits, now that we got the supplies, we could handle war, Washington crossed the Delaware, the battles of Morristown, Monmouth, we pushed them all back to New York.”

“It all starts here. This piece of history, erased from our American history. George Washington stayed across the street from the Smithfield Inn, at the Quail Hill Inn, which we’ve since lost to fire. But this is all the same place where Don was two days ago, the Trumps know and there’s a reason why they chose this town.”

“The regular soldiers were in barracks down the street, but there are no plaques here. It’s time to remember.”

There’s only one book on the battle, written in 1894.

“All lies. I found this out when I was 15. We moved here in 1982 from Fairfax, Virginia, my dad was out of the DOE, really in exile, and he later he went back to fix everything that was destroyed because of the wrong people who were in charge of the country. He became a VP of Atlantic Electric, we bought a boat, it was Summer of 1983, and National Geographic sent a divers team here. I watched pull out cannonballs and other relics from those British ships that were sunk, but they never published it.”

“Read the history, there’s no mention of the British losing those ships — but Nat Geo took all sorts of relics from them. The reason, the truth is, what we are as Americans was rewritten. If we know what happened at the Battle of Mullica, that John Paul Jones was no pirate, that he was a naval patriot, why are we stuck on piracy under British rule — history is written by the victors, so we must have lost, but we didn’t.”
“They are erasing what we are and who we are.”

“The heart of the American religion is where I live, right here.”

“The first submarine, a single man sub, the roundball called the turtle, as in Q’s ‘turtle sinks evil’. That first sub was use in the Battle of the Hudson. Turtle comes in, destroys ships, but there’s no plaque. No one remembers anything, especially not the truth.”

“What’s also left out is that the paid British mercenaries, the Hessians, these Germans,m were prepaid. So, rather than fight to the death for the Brits or face drowning here, many, very many, moved behind the lines and settled, right here. Why not — and they were already paid. That’s why Galloway, NJ, Smithville is in it, are all these German named towns and streets: Germania. Frankfurt. Manheim. Leipzig. Liebig. Zurich. Odessa. Cologne. Abandon ship!”

“Fuck the British.”

Photo by Matthew Strabuk / For The Press of Atlantic City


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