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The Storm will soon be upon us. Our ability to connect with each other and distribute the real news and updates on the actuality of our nation over social media will soon be over. In its stead, we are adding capabilities to allow QUARTERMASTER NEWS to become the central information hub for our community.

Three new elements are being installed over the weekend and we hope to unveil them to you on Tuesday.

The news site is hosted on a secure server, now with as much bandwith as the biggest news sites, with the fastest computing power and the ability to double even that at a moment’s notice.

To our rig, we are enabling a multi-site capability which will allow each and every patriot who will soon be kicked off Facebook and Twitter to create a new handle here and post the contact details for your new accounts — the aim is to never lose touch with even one of us. To your page, you will also be able to post information, and, if our community calls for it, we will install forum capabilities to allow for uncensored chatter.

For distribution, this site is already able to deliver 11,000 emails per hour, but we are adding an additional sending server with unlimited email send ability, as well as a machine to deliver directly via text message. This will allow your existing moderators to get the news out directly to your phones.

And for cloaking, we will flip the switch to disguise each post as a “bit.ly” to help avoid censors for links shared via the existing social media channels.

Brian’s dream is to create a rock-solid place for our community to gather and disseminate the real news, while the rest of the world sleeps. As journalists trained at the very top, but long existing outside of the mainstream media echo chamber, we are honored and humbled to open this site for your use.

This newspaper’s mission has been to Support Victory in the selection and editing of the news, to feature our Armed Services ahead of the role they are about to play on the national stage and to deliver it daily to everyone who refuses to accept the official narrative that we all know to be a lie.

A team of patriots and veterans of the Army and Navy meet on a daily 5AM – 8AM conference call to develop the editorial calendar, workshop articles and train up. The original concept was to teach talented Veterans who understood the world in a way only learned by being part of the Armed Forces, to become journalists who could write for those who wanted this fresh take on news.

Today we invite members of this community who are experienced writers and enthusiastic bloggers open to learning the news format to join us in this work. Besides properly reporting today’s news, the heavy lifting is taking the Anon threads, synthesizing the information, distilling it into the “inverted pyramid” and sending these articles into the ether for mental clarity of our countrymen. We also work to source all of the news, to publish the primary source FOIA documents to back up the headlines and, what a dark sith globalist editor overlord once claimed to me as the primary motivation for our business: to lift up the dirty undershirts of the powerful.

An advanced tech team is supporting the site, and now is the time to comment below on any features we need to add to make this platform as useful as possible for the coming mission.

On Tuesday we will open the new capabilities and include an interview with Brian here to explain the ethos and background that you could share with others looking to connect in the darkness we expect to descend upon us for Red October.

Facebook has already made their game clear; their DARPA machinations were in force today and they announced the new rules to be used to censor us will go in effect on October 1 — that’s next Thursday.

MEMEWARS: Facebook Censors, 3 Boots Stomped on the Necks of Patriots, the New 4AM Drop

MEMEWARS: 3 Million Facebook Accounts Fingered for ‘Too Much Truth’

MEMEWARS: POTUS Trump Expects Twitter Ban Before Elections

But we will be here on the decks of this aircraft carrier — this is your ship now! — always at the ready.

  1. paulamflanagan@gmail.com'
    Paula M Flanagan 1 year ago

    Love your platform 🙂

  2. vla8633@hotmail.com'
    Vicki Anderson 1 year ago

    This is wonderful!!

  3. babyelephants@prodigy.net'
    Kerstin 1 year ago

    🇺🇸Really stoked about this❣️🇺🇸

  4. editor@qm.news' Author
    Josiah Ross 1 year ago

    Check out the instructions post here https://storm.qm.news/welcome-storm-riders/

  5. kburghaus@gmail.com'
    Kenn Burghaus 1 year ago

    I been waiting 27 years for this. Spent alot of time and money in the first couple years including sueing the government through class action lawsuits. (Didnt work so well for us or we would have had this happen back then trying to get results we see today). The government was worse than we realised and some of us ended up in jail, some of us have taken this to the grave with them. Im old school and have a difficult time with some of this new tech , but i will put myself out there with any of you. We live together we die together. We cant let this oppertunity slip through our fingers, so lets give it all we have. I look forward to battling with you.. wwg1wga

  6. mjmj10390@yahoo.com'
    Mona 1 year ago

    Just trying to figure out how to access this

  7. texaseye1@yahoo.com'
    Kelly Masciarelli 1 year ago

    WWG1WGA Thank you, Patriot!

  8. Annemarie_mangano@hotmail.com'
    Annemarie Russo 1 year ago


  9. Linda.amsbaugh47@gmail.com'
    Linda Amsbaugh 1 year ago

    Getting set up….excited about this..no more Zuck

  10. arline1226@gmail.com'
    Arline Tacoronte 1 year ago

    I call myself,Gods Little Rebel because I cannot conform to things that are not right,especially when it comes to America. I’m an old lady, and stand by my morals and beliefs. WWG1WGA FOR SURE.

  11. bonniegknight@yahoo.com'
    Bonnie G Knight 1 year ago

    Could you please make the font a little darker? It’s difficult for old eyes to read. Thank you! HooaH!

  12. nightsky1776@gmail.com'
    Nightsky1776 1 year ago

    Great to be among you!


  13. Donnaldeer@gmail.com'
    Donna Deer 1 year ago

    Time is not important, only LIFE important…
    The Fifth Element

  14. eastman.gwen@gmail.com'
    Gwen Eastman 1 year ago

    Yep. My activation email went to my gmail junk. I was so surprised.

  15. mchandra288@yahoo.com'
    Angel Madhu 1 year ago

    Great Platform. Bye Bye Fakebook.
    Finally I found where the posts were 🙂 WWG1WGA

  16. fspencer57@aol.com'
    Calimountiangal 1 year ago

    Great to be here with other Patriots!! Thank you Sir for the work you’ve done!! WWG1WGA together!

  17. cliftonlafave@windstream.net'
    Dan 1 year ago

    Enough cannot be said about having an alternative site that is free from censorship. Many kudo’s to those who worked (and are still working) to get this up and running ! WWG1WGA

  18. Jnjohara@comcast.net'
    O'Hara Jacqueline 1 year ago

    Love this site! Thank you for doing this!

  19. DearScarlett@protonmail.com'
    Fredra Frickle 1 year ago

    I also need larger and bolder font. That is where Parler didn’t rise to the occasion…gave the ability to eventually increase the size but without a BOLD print, old eyes have a tough time. Mahalo.

  20. Richard.Lindberg@alyeska-pipeline.com'
    Richard Lindberg 1 year ago

    Thanks Man!!! Awesome

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