■ A Long Laundry list of Child Porn CRIMES going back to Obama’s 1st term, all ‘White Washed’…..!!!

Presidential Admin=


●Feb 2010 Laura Silsby trafficking Haitian orphans, arrested at Dominican Republic border. Bill Clinton used his influence to free her. Why? https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/clinton-brokers-deal-over-haiti-orphan-abductions-v63ld395r7b

●2010 News outlets, including CNN [A. COOPER], reported on what was called the Pentagon Child Porn scandal. 5000+ caught in Operation Flikr. Only a few were held accountable???


●2009-2012: State Department Scandal [HRC] cover up, whitewashed. Reported by NBC Today, June 2013.

●2016 Anthony Weiner (former US Reprensentative for NY and husband to Huma Abedin, arrested for third offense: ‘Sexting’ a 15 year old teen. Huma was Hillary Clinton’s Vice Chair for her presidential campaign. John Podesta…was the Chairman. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/10/10/anthony-weiner-jailed-sexting-girl-15-get-early-release/1587360002/

●2018 Keith Raniere/NXIVM,CF donor

●2019 Jeffrey Epstein/Maxwell/B.Clinton …another big Clinton Foundation donor

●August 2020 Ed Buck,huge Dem Donor

●Sept 2020 Hunter Biden laptop/CP

MSM calls this a smear campaign by Trump supporters and launch a full scale attack against MAGA/Qanon/Q…

Yet, the real panDEMic is…..



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