At precisely 45 minutes before midnight on Sept 30th,20:15 est, Q posted the infamous meme,

45 minutes before midnight
45th President, DJT.

▪︎October 1st was the HARVEST MOON.
▪︎October 31st will be the HUNTER’S MOON
as well as a BLUE MOON.

Many were speculating when the CLEANUP will begin. Trump was diagnosed with COVID on Oct 1st. Rumors abounded that the 5th of October was GO TIME.

We here at The Storm knew better. This site wasnt launched until Sept 30th and with that, all the bugs avoiding the coming tsunami were aboard. Glitches upon glitches ironed out as they appeared. We built this for the PURGE 2.0, Oct 1st. A new advanced genocide utilizing DARPA technology, which Facebook was built by and initially called LifeLog, to seek out ‘political extremists’ and disable their accounts.
Constructive notice was issued by Facebook on Sept 1st, a fair warning of breaching the new rules.

It was my Social Media death on Aug 19th, Purge 1.0, that had me conspire with other like minded pirates to attack those Motherships directing America’s Collective Consciousness. This enormous effort was not done for a one week battle. We were in this for a much lengthier and larger battle. Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Okinawa, Battle of Censorship 2020.

I knew that to awaken the ‘Silent Majority’ to their last lesson, BIG TECH’s involvement with UN/UNESCO/WHO and the ‘NEW NORMAL’ aka Communism, they had to be on that PRECIPICE. Now we see normal people who love their country and personal liberties being *disappeared* from that Collective Consciousness.
Everyday more and more. Grandmothers and aunts, teachers and clerks. Nobody is spared. The DARPA AI runs on, what appears to be, a 12 hour cycle. Learning each time how we dodge KeyWords and Hashtags. Each cylce another purge.

This is the FINAL PRECIPICE. Hitting the average American where it hurts the most….their Social Media. No more keeping up with the grandchildren or a friend who moved afar. Favorite games no longer responding as there is no longer a connection to FACEBOOK. All for what?
Loving their president and being a proud American. Yes, it actually comes down to that. Now the narrative across BIG TECH is all pro BIDEN with a minority of patriots left to counter that opinion.
They have now taken over the last free speech avenue that we had.

STORM RIDERS was built for this battle. The final month before Election 2020. To get digital soldiers back into that theater, whether it be Facebook or Twitter, and continue to get the TRUTH out. I saw a major battle for our COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS coming and we are now almost fully operational to engage those MOTHERSHIPS.

We made it our job to be America’s best weapon of offense in this battle. Supplying members and visitors with the ability to enter this modern field of engagement with something that all of their AI’s and Quantum computing do not possess,


I predict the launch of CLEANUP to begin late Oct 30th…



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