The horrific story of the lengths the Illuminati network will go to in their determination to obtain a hierarchical child. Jonah was deemed a “high value asset” due to his psychic gifts that were a result of having all 13 bloodline families in his lineage. Children such as Jonah are used by the Cult to communicate with Satan and the hierarchy of demons. His Satanic Ritual Abuse to facilitate programming, had to begin around 18 months of age, so Cult 93 used their vast nationwide network to legally kidnap him from Tammy Rief, his mother.

Judges, attorneys, politicians, church members and trafficking specialists both nationally and internationally worked together to establish the needed fabricated paperwork to kidnap this special child. Tammy Rief, who had never been married, was suddenly faced with a custody battle from someone she had dated, who was NOT Jonah’s father, but was claiming to be her husband. His cronies had it all planned…

Hear this astonishing story in Tammy’s own words in the radio broadcast below. Some important minute markers are provided in the meme above to highlight the roles that key people within our government played in this horrifying situation.


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