As reported by MIT, screenshots from article, it looks like Trump is a hypocrite when it comes to aborted fetus cells. Remember, MIT has connections with Jeffrey Epstein.
If anything, the treatment DJT used highlights the 50 year use of a single cell line used by all Big Pharma. Testing new treatments with human cells does not have to be on a fixed cell line. This is the alternative to testing on live humans. It’s as if, this method reinforces the abortion ruling by adding legitimacy to fetus cells with their use in medical science, specifically, saving the human race. Ironic, isn’t it?
My goal here is to show that President Trump did not have anorted fetus cells injected into him, as internet rumors abound. It was a part of the testing process prior to being used. That is it. Nothing more to it. I hope this practice ends, and we can again respect humanity as a whole. Take that however you wish.


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