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I am on and off every try.
Using all the tricks….
VPN, Tor, T-a-T phone #.
New email….
Different name…
Generic profile pic….

I get on and killed within seconds or minutes now.

Last one, no profile pic…bare minimum…zero friends…killed 15 seconds after getting on….
And….I was pinging in Germany no less.
Zero friends. So…friends being tagged for marking us was not the issue here.
This new Darpa tech, is bigger than we know. From the last 15 tries this week….I have to assume that VPN’s are a now just an ILLUSION.

…Stupid Track N Trace!


Keystroke, keypad….thats where it lies.

Only a new device will work, or….

I suggest using a blue tooth keyboard..


Talk-a-tone phone number,


This method may save you money from having to buy a new device, burner phone.

Track n Trace….ties into keystrokes.

Keypad/keyboard…ties into device.

VPN can’t stop this.

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    Kenn F Burghaus 4 days ago

    that would explain so much hmmmm

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