▪︎Brian Skro (Skroski)…dead in 18 min
▪︎Tony Modug (Modugno) ..still on

One more trick….and I will see if I can last.

Adding VPN to this formula.
Formula did work!

AI got me while adding friends.
That must have triggered the AI.
Best that people send friend requests to the newly resurrected.
Also…when announcing those arisen,
DO NOT USE WORDS referencing that.
Rebirth,Resurrected, Back, etc.

Use a single line post,
Long time no see…
Hello friend…
Things often used on the platform.

We are all ‘tagged’. Purge 1.0/ 2.0.
Sending out friend requests seems to alert AI. Individual req, received, may dodge this. If not…


Still wondering about those who are still on…..???
Using Q, WWG1WGA, Q posts….etc.
The very thing that they are silencing.
Things I know, not the time for that now.
No….it’s not all…some are guilty by association and they themselves are not even aware of it. Innocent.
But….there is a higher tier that they fall under, which is a ‘paid level’.

Now is not the time for that.
Causes distrust and division. No fear.
Not important at the moment. Just know, they are either making $, tied to those making money (Good cause) unaware of the shill among them…etc.

Just remember,
There is only Q.

Use discernment. Lay off the EGO’s.
Dont fall in love with an Avatar or a name.

Information Warfare. FRONT LINE is:
Facebook, Flanks are Twit,Insta,etc.

Those who push news/info….no ego…
Digital Soldiers. No one person holds the patent to any ‘decoding’. Q Clock…etc.
How many posted apologies or corrections to previous ‘Posts’….or deleted them immediately when (corrected)?

Things we watch for. Vigilance is key.

Those who remain on the FRONT…after the nukes…are there for a reason. Why?

I will try one last time dodging the
AI/Track N Trace.

If successful, I will post the FORMULA here.

This is not a ‘screenshot and share’ post.
This is our last crack in the Al’s armor.

1 last chance to figure out….



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