Where is Bin Laden?

Recently, a video about Hillary Clinton was exposed to the social media, bringing public attention back to the Benghazi incident in Libya that she led.

The three people in the video link are Alan Howell Parrot, a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who has worked in the Middle East for 20 years, and the other is Nicholas Noe, a truth seeker in Benghazi. The last one is Charles Woods, the father of Woods, the SEAL member who was killed in the Benghazi incident.

After incident of 911, the administrations of George W Bush and Barack Hussein Obama hide Osama bin Laden in Iran for ten years.

The Obama-Biden-Hillary government blended with Iran and planned the capture game of Bin Laden, and asked the Iranian government to sent Bin Laden to Afghanistan.

Prior to the 2012 presidential election, the Seal Team 6 of the top US special forces was sent to kill Bin Laden’s stuntman, but the body was not sent back to the United States for DNA testing. In order to seal the truth up, the Obama administration gave Iran US$152 billion and all members of the SEAL 6 team were assassinated. No one knows the real Osama bin Laden whereabouts.

The United States extensively cultivated agents during the Cold War. One of the projects was called the “Safari Club”. Bin Laden was one of the agents, and then he was abandoned by the rotation of political parties. After the 9/11 incident, the CIA discussed with the Iranians to transfer bin Laden from Tora Bora, Afghanistan to Abbottabad, Pakistan, who was already under the control of the CIA. He has been lived with more than 100 al-Qaeda leaders and their families together for 10 years.

The key man of the hunt for Bin Laden in the 2011 is Panetta. He was the former White House chief of staff during the Clinton presidency, served as the chief of CIA and secretary of Defense, and he is a trusted person in the Clinton’s family. The other one was John Brennan, homeland security adviser, who became director of the CIA And Richard Clarke, a former White House security adviser, Of course there is also Vice President Biden.

Hillary and Panetta threatened Obama that if he did not give the green light to bin Laden’s assassination, they would expose him to the media and his political career would be over.

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf signalled the air defense system to let the helicopter in. After the SEALs arrived, they filmed a video and shot down bin Laden’s stuntman. One of bin Laden’s wives ran towards them when they shot him and said, “Don’t shoot! He is a stuntman.”

The decision makers wanted to keep the real bin Laden under Iran’s sphere of influence. The SEALs knew that bin Laden was not killed, so they threw part of the body into the Hindu Kush Mountains. In order to keep the secrets, the Obama administration paid Iran a total amount of US$152 billion in order to carry out killings.

In early August 2011, the top U.S. military officials received a top-secret information from the CIA stating that all the leaders of the Taliban in Afghanistan will carry a lot of secret documents and gather in a valley in the Vardak province of Afghanistan to hold a secret meeting. The U.S. Army immediately dispatched the Seal Team6, and militants dressed as Taliban in order to sneak in. In the middle of the night of August 6, the CH47 helicopter full of US Navy SEAL Team VI encountered an RPG rocket hitting the fuselage when it landed. The militants fired at the forced landing helicopter, killing dozens of US soldiers.

After that, the Obama administration operated the “Iran Nuclear Agreement” (Comprehensive Agreement on the Iranian Nuclear Issue), which can be described as a “deprivation of power and humiliation” to the United States. Iran’s old enemy Israel is feeling the pressure. On March 3, 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broke diplomatic practice and did not obtain the consent of the White House of the US Presidential Palace to give a speech in the US Congress, which made Obama very dissatisfied. Netanyahu’s speech in Congress was warmly welcomed by the two parties and houses, and he expressed deep concern about Israel’s pressure on Iran’s nuclear weapons. Although Netanyahu shouted to Obama in his speech, Obama still refused to meet Netanyahu and publicly contempt Netanyahu’s speech in the interview. This also spurred Trump to stand up for election in the future, vigorously criticise the “Iran Nuclear Agreement,” and immediately withdrew from the agreement after becoming president.

On July 14, 2015, the “Iran Nuclear Agreement” was implemented. The agreement provides for the reduction of Iran’s current nuclear capabilities, but it will not dismantle the existing nuclear facilities. The agreement acknowledge Iran’s right to develop nuclear energy for civilian purposes in exchange for Tehran’s acceptance of the UN’s verification of its ability to acquire nuclear weapons without any progress. Starting from 2016, Iran will be phased out of international economic sanctions, and Iran’s will receive an additional $100 billion from the trade. In simple terms

, this huge sum of money can be used to fund Iran’s nuclear weapons researches.

One of the people involved in the investigation of this video was Charles Woods, whose son was a SEAL member who was killed in the Benghazi incident. This incident made him determined to investigate the ulterior governmental inside story for the American people, and the Benghazi incident was the next major scandal for Hillary Clinton after the hunt for bin Laden.


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