Wow, I kinda feel like a secret agent. On a more serious note, I am here, to try to stay informed with Patriots, I am not very tech savvy, so bare with me. I normally depend on a couple of people that I have grown to trust their information and interpretations of what the heck is going on. I follow David Reinert (really like this guy), also, Will Garrity (I am kinda new to his posts) and Brian Skroski. I don’t know how to find them here. Any help for this newbie is appreciated.

    Kenn 1 year ago

    Brian might not have signed up yet he was working on a big dig last night and may not have got over here yet. He knows it is up.

      Josiah Ross 1 year ago

      Brian’s here, we signed on together at 2am

        Brenda Niemi 1 year ago

        Asking for a friend: can you guide me to get signed up….clicked on register, and not sure how I’m suppose to sign in. New at this. TIA!

        Diane Williams 1 year ago

        I just signed up, trying to learn how this all works, seems so complicated to me. I’m not good at this kind of stuff, need a teacher. Guess this is quite different from facebook. I’m trying to learn how to find other people like on facebook, and how to talk with others, so I might have found one part of it. could you help me understand a bit. Thanks.

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